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Christopher Jon DuBois
United States
Current Residence: Iowa
Favourite genre of music: Metal
Shell of choice: Shotgun Shells
Skin of choice: My wife's
Favourite cartoon character: Invader Zim
Personal Quote: The Dream is dead so why am I still dreaming?
Well, I figured it was high time I posted another journal so all of those who give a shit could once again realize the meaning of painful reading as I trip the light fantastic of bullshit. And yes, I realize what the Phrase trip the light fantastic really means, I am just a jerk.

Good news is that I have Campaign information to add from my Heroes Unlimited Campaign using the Palladium System. Three of the Dirty Dogs have been slain and Nemesis has been fought. The rest of the Dirty Dogs are still at large and Nemesis took three grenades, two full Uzi clips, and an AK-47 clip and didn't fucking die. Things are getting stranger and stranger as the three Dogs that were slain had been chilling out in a building in the Park Place Cancer guarded by low level terrorists that usually associate with the notorious Death Toll Juicers.

A new player character by the name of Hammer has finally made the scene with his help in slaying the three previously mentioned mutant dogs. His next adventure consisted of raiding one of his company's secret labs for technology from his planet. (He is a feline Alien from the Planet Veldin. A Lombax like Ratchet from Ratchet and Clank) Anyway, the place was under attack from a Death Toll Juicer and human gunmen with the cops right outside the door, blazing away at each other. Hammer gets inside, gets the goods after taking out the Juicer, and detonates a bomb that he was informed about to cover up the lab's secrets. Like I said in the other Campaign entry, the government can't really be trusted and the cops are simply another gang who side with the Senator. So, Hammer blows the place sky high while riding his suped up cycle along rooftops and avoiding machine gun fire from Helicopters. Then as he is escaping on the streets he barely manages to escape Motorcycle cops by teleporting a grenade into the lead cop's pocket.. Ain't psionics great?

Meanwhile, Dread and Scion (the two most prominent heroes of the city and bitter rivals) are investigating the sewers under the building the dogs were found in. Apparently the building had been a safe house for the dogs and mutant rats. Anyway, I am rambling and can't really think of ingenious details to share.. so tuttles.

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